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What to do if injured in a work accident

Workplace accidents are unfortunately commonplace. Even though many employers have policies and procedures to prevent accidents, they cannot be completely avoided. If you were injured at work, here are some things you should do:

Report it to a Supervisor

One of the first things you need to do following a work accident is to report it. You should make a report even if you have not suffered a serious injury or if you do not require medical attention at the time. This is because many injuries have delayed symptoms. For example, even if you have minimal discomfort after a slip and fall at work, you may still experience severe back pain and stiffness in the following days and weeks.

A delayed report may give your employer or workers’ compensation insurance provider grounds to refuse treatment and compensation. They may claim that the accident did not happen or that it happened outside of work. In order to protect yourself, you must report any accidents as soon as they happen.

Contact a workers’ compensation lawyer

You are entitled to medical treatment and monetary compensation when injured in a work accident. To know the extent of your rights, you should consult an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer immediately. Each state’s workers’ compensation laws are unique and complicated. Your claim will be negatively affected if necessary forms are not filled and deadlines not followed.

A workers’ compensation lawyer will ensure your legal rights are observed

A work accident is usually processed by the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company or administrator. You may need to communicate with a claims administrator who will investigate your claim to determine the extent of the insurance company or employer’s liability. The main goal of the claims adjuster is to save the insurance company or employer as much money as possible. As such, the adjuster may devalue your injury or deny it altogether. To discredit your claim, the claims adjuster may argue that your injuries are from a pre-existing condition or did not occur at work.

You need an experienced lawyer to protect your interests. Behzadi Law Offices has the expertise to deal with the insurance company for you and litigate your rights if necessary.

Your lawyer will prove your injuries

You need to prove your accident and injuries are related to your job. Substantial evidence is required to demonstrate this. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will gather evidence from cameras, witnesses, accident reports, your medical records, and other sources to support your claim.

An experienced work accident lawyer understands the law

It is difficult to know all the laws that apply to your case. When you hire Las Vegas work accident lawyer, Qumars Behzadi, you get an advocate who has dealt with these laws for years. He also worked for insurance companies before prosecuting injury claims against them so he knows exactly what rules apply to your case and how to utilize the law in your favor in order to ensure you receive the necessary medical treatment and maximum financial recovery.

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